World Energy Innovations
We are leading-edge energy innovators

World Energy Innovations creates pioneering energy system concepts and designs. Our 40+ year track record of implementing energy efficiency projects has significantly reduced energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions for major companies like Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Goodyear, Ocean Spray and Shearer’s Foods.

We are a technology firm and solutions provider, teaming with customers to deliver long-term sustainable energy solutions. With our innovation as an alternative to conventional best practice, our business model delivers accountability to achieve key performance indicators. This mitigates customers risk of implementing innovation in/alternative to best practices.


Our goal is to transform the way people think about and consume energy. We never stop innovating and striving to improve our methods to achieve energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable goals.

Our smarter energy solutions are securing an environmentally sustainable future. And since our designs are financially sustainable, we also offer a mechanism for sustaining and growing manufacturing in the United States.