Our History

CEO Tom Kiser launched Professional Supply, Inc.  in 1979 with a loan from the Small Business Administration.   The Company, now known as World Energy Innovations (“WEI” or the “Company”), was founded on bringing innovative Energy Conservation Measures (“ECMs”) to provide sustainable strategies for commercial spaces, healthcare institutions and industrial facilities.   Based in Fremont, Ohio, WEI has 30 employees and a team of over 200 contract engineers working on projects across the globe. Our energy projects have also helped create many new U.S. manufacturing and engineering jobs.

In the 1980’s the Company developed a core discipline of Monitoring & Verification (“M&V”) to allow WEI to sustain the performance of implemented ECMs, maximizing system efficiency and asset life cycle, while minimizing maintenance costs. As assets age, M&V has resulted in delivering sustained value and performance to customers.

In 2010, Kiser created Powerdigm to extend the option for our customers to consider an alternative to conventional energy efficiency procurement.   Employing a Utility Service Agreement (“USA”), our customers receive energy efficiency as a service which includes a performance guarantee while using WEI’s innovative technologies.

The USA creates an energy partnering relationship permitting the customer to avoid upfront capital dollars while receiving consistent, verified energy savings and carbon reduction. Our customer can focus on their core business while WEI, as the asset manager, focuses on utility systems, energy efficiency, asset lifecycle while achieving key performance metrics.

In 2012, PSI joined Worthington Industries and formed Worthington Energy Innovations. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Worthington Industries is a global company of industry-leading businesses with a manufacturing core competency.  During Worthington’s co-ownership period, our Company continued to experience strong growth and an expansion of our world-class customer list, helping more companies reduce their energy consumption and enhance their resource conservation programs.

Starting out as a regional company in 1979, WEI expanded nationally in the 1990’s, globally in the 2000’s and today continues to build on the successes of our customers.   With hundreds of millions of dollars of Service Agreements in place, WEI guarantees the performance and sustainability of energy systems operating throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Asia.  As a result of our global presence, in March of 2021, WEI’s management team has decided to rename the Company – World Energy Innovations, LLC (WEI) reflecting our expanding market and global perspective.