Energy Innovation
The Liquid Chimney

Non-pressurized water boiler, with no chemical treatment and direct contact gas-fired technology heat recovery

World Energy Innovations first designed the Liquid Chimney, a non-pressure vessel, as a more efficient closed loop hot-water distribution system for steam systems. Substituting steam boilers with direct contact Liquid Chimney-powered hot water systems alone can improve energy heating performance by 40 to 50 percent. In addition, switching to a hot water energy distribution system eliminates high maintenance costs associated with steam systems (e.g., steam traps, condensate return, and boiler maintenance). Our Liquid Chimney and other hot water system components can be sized, modulated and controlled to fill real-time building demand vs. steam supplying energy at a constant “peak-load” level. It can also achieve heat transfer efficiencies as much as 98 percent, compared to steam systems’ efficiency of about 50 percent.
The Liquid Chimney creates environmental and sustainability benefits:
  • The water used in the Liquid Chimney and the hot water system is sterilized and requires no chemical treatment.
  • The water is deoxygenated, reducing corrosion on system components.
  • Heat exhaust is minimized due to efficient capturing of heat energy.

The Liquid Chimney in Process Loads

We have redesigned the Liquid Chimney to recapture heat used in manufacturing processes and improve overall system efficiency. The heat can be added to the hydronic loop and carried to a useful location.
Learn how this innovation was used in energy systems designs for General Motors, Goodyear, Ford Motor Company, Ocean Spray and Shearer’s Foods

Heat Recovery

World Energy Innovations designed an energy system for Shearer’s Foods, a Frito-Lay contract manufacturer, incorporating our Liquid Chimney technology.

The Results

  • 85% reduction in building heating from waste heat recovery
  • New operational cost created a 30% reduction in metered BTUs;
  • 30% less energy required per pound of product