Energy Innovation
Integrating Renewables

World Energy Innovations’ hydronic systems are ideal for integrating renewable energy sources since they are capable of gathering heat from all sources and using it to effectively adjust a building’s energy demands.

Our hydronic systems make it possible to integrate these strategies:

  • Thermal solar is a cost-effective method to add the sun’s energy in the form of heat to a hydronic system.
  • Ground source heat recovery is used to heat or cool a hydronic loop.
  • Ponds can serve as a summer cooling source and winter warm water source when ice forces warm water to the bottom.
  • Biogas generators convert organic matter to biogas via a digester, then convert the biogas to electricity and a heat source.

We subsidize the costs of renewable energy sources by integrating them into a larger energy efficiency strategy that optimizes gains from renewable energy sources. Our strategy allows you to offset the costs of renewable energy with savings generated by other efficiency measures.

We provide holistic energy strategies that in some cases can offer an option to fund energy efficiency and renewable projects with our affiliate, Powerdigm. This vehicle fully funds and owns own energy assets for as long as you desire. Its innovation in procurement transforms energy efficiency into a service.

Our projects give you a guaranteed positive cash flow with no investment required.

Learn how this innovation was used in energy systems designs for General Motors, Goodyear, Ford Motor Company, Ocean Spray and Shearer’s Foods