World Energy Innovations
A Business Model of Accountability

For nearly 40 years, World Energy Innovations has helped customers achieve energy efficiency and resource conservation goals. We work closely with you to develop Energy Conservation Measures and project road maps customized to your sustainability vision and individual facilities’ needs.

We’re in the energy business so you don’t have to be. We believe energy efficiency should come at no risk to you.

Our designed energy systems come with guaranteed performance — BTU reductions that translate into savings. So that energy efficiency turns into a revenue stream. Our guarantees are fully insured, making our energy project a solid zero-risk bet for reduced operating costs.

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Project Implementation Plan
We design it.
[We supply it.]
We make it work,
and then we
sustain it.

World-designed energy systems are turnkey energy efficiency solutions. Our approach is simple: We design it. We supply it.  We make it work, and then we sustain it.